Miscellaneous: Birthday, shoes, and photo shoots!

I had an exceptionally great photo shoot in a bare and private space this past Thursday. The lovely Ms. C was and I each created a multitude of images, ranging from pin-up Bitch to Super-villain.  Photos from My set will be up shortly, for the image whores and voyeurs alike.

My birthday is coming up in the beginning of April. The 4th, to be exact. Some of you have started inquiring with Me as to what would be pleasing to My tastes. To make things simple, I have created an account at ThingsIwant dot com. My wish list is here: My Wishlist
This should help give you some ideas *grin* Oh, how I love to be spoiled!

Did I mention I received new shoes from a darling foot slave? I do love waltzing about in high heels! Fishnet stockings preferred, but I also love showing off My back seam tattoos. Maybe you’ve had the impromptu chance of honour to see these seams in person. If not, what a pity!

Much to do.