To Those Wishing to Serve Me: Online Training

Countless emails have cluttered My inbox, all of them asking or inquiring about the same thing. I thought it would be easier, and less time constraining, to provide thorough & designated homework assignments to those wanting so badly to serve Me.

By doing & completing these assigned tasks, you will prove to Me that you are true in character, willing to submit, and also willing to expand your horizons. It will help Me to determine whether or not you are worthy enough to take on for further, more personalized training.

Time and distance may be factual constraints, but these assignments can be done regardless of where you are in the world. Activities included:

-stocking or pantyhose wearing and the buying of
-buying & wearing feminine undergarments
-cock & ball packaging (ribbons, rings, etc)
-various anal insertions (have lube handy!)

To be clear, these are just a few of My favourite activities, and can easily done.

To participate:
you must email Me at Mistress at Mara Mayhem dot com, with a proper introduction. Once you’ve received your task, you will have a limited time to complete said task.

Again, these tasks are available to those who are not local. This is on-line only training. . If you are currently serving another Mistress, and wish to apply, I require that you receive approval from Mistress before proceeding.

I look forward to exercising your demons 🙂

Miss Mara