Embracing Sadism:

I recall, even as a young girl, embracing the sense of empowerment and satisfaction that cruelty (when inflicted properly) infused within My self. I used to tie up boys to laundry lines outside in My family’s backyard; My young girlfriends and I would strut around the chosen victim, either in our young girl bikinis or maybe even naked (whatever, We were prepubescent girls), twirling and poking sticks at the boy tied to the pole, usually with big grin attached to face.

I remember smacking boys in the face when they were rude to Me-even then, at age 9, I knew that you don’t talk rudely to a Lady. I can recall enjoying the look of agony that proceeded to creep over their youthful faces. I didn’t take shit; still don’t.

Nowadays, My tastes and proclivities (and irritations) have progressed, matured, if you will. I find Myself grinning, understandingly & viscously, as I take My favourite and brutally large black flogger and dowse My subs’ asses with a series of figure 8 smackings. I relish in the screams of the poor sod whom I make pour hot water on his cock & balls. The agony releases itself into ecstasy. Pushing you past your limits, or ‘nearly killing me’ as one dear sub recently lamented. It’s what I was born to do. And I fully accept and embrace and embark upon the journey that S&m can provide us.

To the journeys ahead.

Miss Mara Mayhem.