Fun at the Amusement Park:

Dear Diary:

Yesterday, a dear slutty boy took Me to an amusement park outside of the city limits, to cheer Me up. Oh, what fun W/we did have as W/we wandered through a vanilla world during daytime hours…

At a quarter to ten a.m, he arrived, bringing Me a large coffee, as I had ordered. I just love good service, and especially one with a smile. From that point, W/we put on Metallica’s ‘S&m’ album, as it soothed slutty boy’s supposed road rage, and kept for good ambience on such a hot June day. The discussion along the way had Me conclude that it was best for slutty boy to call Me ‘Mommy’ during the day. Oh, I am such a terrible Mother (in the best way).

45 minutes later, W/we arrive at the gates of the park. I presented slutty boy with a pink, mesh tank top, glitter, and a few clothespins for O/our journey. He responded with a sincere ‘oooh’ and hid the treasures in his backpack.

O/our first stop was the merry-go-round. I insisted that slutty boy hold My hand as W/we walked up the steps and took seats on pretty horses. He complied with ‘Yes, Mommy’ and off W/we rode, up and down on a merry-go-round, with tons of prepubescent children swarming around.

After that, W/we progressed through various roller coaster challenges. Backwards. Forwards. Rocky. Upside down. Twirling. The options were nearly unlimited, and it helped that slutty boy happens to be a bit of a roller coaster expert and geek (I do have a soft spot for geeks!). Prior to entering upon the highest roller coaster in the park, W/we made a quick detour to the Family bathrooms, with slutty boy holding My hand to enter the facilities. Once alone, I decided that it was high time for some anal inspection and insertions. Bending over, slutty boy presented Me with a nice, tiny ass that was very tight and soo ready for some attention. Putting on a blue medical glove, I glob My hand up in the lube that slutty boy had hidden in his backpack (oh, how thoughtful!). Starting with one finger, I twirled around his anus, which was very tight. Progressively, I finally loosened him up enough, and on the count of three, inserted the large, black butt plug that had also been inside the backpack. I loved hearing slutty boy gasp and take the plug soo willingly. Once in, W/we made haste for the super tall roller coaster that has a few loops and bumps.

The large coaster was great. Loops. Twirls. Very high first hill. I loved hearing slutty boy scream at various intervals on the journey! I even pulled at his nipples and leg hair when not gripped to My seat.

When W/we exited the ride, I made sure to tap at slutty boy’s jean shorts, at the hem on the backside, just where the flat bottom of the butt plug resided snugly, making rapid tapping beats with My hand. It drove slutty boy nuts! But at least he mustered a ‘Thank you, Mommy!’ (I so do like good manners!).

After the park, W/we grab a bite to eat and head back into the city. Getting stuck in inbound traffic, I applied the clothespins to slutty boy’s nipples, and at various times would twist and tap them as I saw fit.

Once back into the city, slutty boy took Me to his snazzy apartment on the West side, with promises of a jacuzzi and a foot rub. Well, plans don’t always mesh as We intend, as the jacuzzi was taking an eternity to fill. So, instead, I whipped slutty boy’s ass a bit with two new floggers he’d obtained at IML. There may have been a rubber baton involved, as well. His frilly little girl panties couldn’t hide his arousal, nevertheless. I then take him into the bathroom (the tub is still not filled) and put a condom on a toilet bowl brush handle and make slutty boy clean his toilet. Oh, did I get a good laugh out of seeing him bend down into a squat position in such a confined space.

Once he had cleaned the pot nicely, I decide it’s time for a little reward for all that slutty boy had endured that day. Into the shower he goes, I follow after, removing My panties. Slowly, surely, purely, out comes the golden nectar that slutty boy so craved. His face is just in a state of agony/ecstasy, as I make him try to jerk off at the same time. At the end, slutty boy is just covered in My nectar, head to toe. Of course, he remembered his manners and said ‘Thank you, Mommy!’….

Such a fine day out with a well behaved, perverted lad

Miss Mara