Heart Chakra:

While I have never fully grasped or followed any particular branch of the ‘New age” or ‘newage,’ as Penn & Teller like to call it, I have always believed in the concept of ‘energy exchange.’ Bdsm, to Me, is an exchange of power, will, consent, thus energy.

The Heart Chakra is based in more Eastern Traditions. It’s the centre of our selves, in the middle of our chest. Love & compassion are centered here.

From time to time, when I am feeling besides Myself (and yes, even a good Mistress has an off day now and again. We are, after all, *super* human), I will do a Heart Chakra piercing. What that entails is a medical grade, small gauged needle that is inserted in the location of where My heart is. A slight pull with floss tied around the needle allows for centering to happen. This is done in the most sterile of fashions, but I’ve taken enough piercing workshops to know a thing or two about proper piercing etiquette.

The feeling of the needle sliding through My skin is delightful, as though an opening up is happening. I regain My sense of Balance, and attain a centered feeling, much like in a good power exchange in a play scene. The feeling is also one of release, of recognizing Life’s pain and suffering (as they are part of Life; no one is exempt from suffering/pain/loss). The whole experience is very beautiful.

My heart feels open, activated. Lively. I can now go about My day in a centered, focused fashion.

Miss Mara Mayhem


Draining you…

Last night, I was awoken, only to create a very tantalizing phone call from a listless peon who wanted his pathetic life, wallet, and little mind fucked and tortured.
*evil grin*

I do love My life.

Needless to say, I made him pay. Financially. Emotionally. All torn away. What’s left is a mess that needs reshaping. Something I look forward to seeing improved. Completely. Dramatically.

you are a pointless entity that either has had a lobotomy or requires one, STAT!

you will pay for being such a complete and utter failure. I have no room in My World for anything less than stellar. and you have a long way to go before you will be anywhere near My level of recognition or approval. I will drain you of your pride, arrogance, and Ego, and make you into a better semblance of a human being.

The Cruel Torments of your Mistress:

I see you kneeling there upon the hardwood floor of My dungeon.
you don’t look up
you simply sit there, canine style, shaking.

As I walk in circles around you, I can your breathing becoming heavier, rapid.
The heels of My knee high boots make a click-click sound sends a shiver down your spine.
Finally, as I take My gloved hand and hold up your head by the chin, I see the look in your eyes.
Terror. Pure. Uninhibited. Aroused. Terror.

Call Me to find out what happens to you then:

1-800-TO-FLIRT, extension 9514-741

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