Dear Diary:

There is always a story to tell you when I return to your welcoming, un-judging arms. The past two weeks since FetishCon have had their share of debauchery/hedonism/contemplation.

After a week of catching up from the fun and travels, I wound up with the lovely Ms.C at the for the Club Femme party.

What fun We both had! A room filled with men, either naked or in a g-string, of all shapes and sizes. It was lovely, being decked out in a red & black latex from head to foot, amongst the sea of revealed male flesh! I managed to make a few new acquaintances, and was definitely treated like a true Goddess should be. That made Me happy.

A snippet of a play scene that I orchestrated involved My brand new Latex Opera Gloves, made out of a thicker gauge of latex. I wasn’t sure if and how I’d like these, but it turns out, theses gloves are made for much excitement, especially involving the prospects of anal exploration *wink*

This past Friday, I conducted a long session that involved the theme of execution. Which, if you don’t know, I absolutely adore! Nooses, asphyxiation, red faced goodness. Happy I am.

For this week, I am taking sessions Tuesday late afternoon to Saturday. You can also catch Me at the 1901 Gallery in Chicago on both Friday & Saturday Night, performing in a grindhouse-style burlesque show. No. you can’t see My tits, but you can always dream.

I leave you now with the thoughts of what draws the line between pleasure and pain.

Til next time,

Miss Mara Mayhem



I’ve returned finally from Tampa, FL. The FetishCon event was fabulous. Much networking and shooting & play time was had by Yours Truly.

A good slave bought Me some new latex by Polymorphe. I even purchased a few little girdles, as well.

I did some modeling for , which was a lot of fun, what with 5 other hot girls in the shoot, as well as rubber gas masks. Very hot, indeed.

For playtime, a lovely friend and I took a poor sod on a leash and dragged him (blinded, of course) through the hotel in just his boxers. The poor dear (ha!). CBT, NT, among other mean activities were brought out on this sucker.

For now, I have to clean some latex (I wore a bunch this past weekend) and catch up on some emails.

Whips & kisses,

Miss Mara