Expectations & News

Hello dear readers:

It’s been a bit since I last wrote an entry. Needless to say, I have been very busy, what with photo shoots, event planning, and actual sessioning.

After having given it some thought, I thought it prudent to emphasize what I truly seek out in having a personal (slave, that is). The dynamic is obviously one that requires a maturation process; it can’t be instantly formed. So, without keeping anyone in suspense, I list here what I require & expect of a personal slave:

1. Respect:
This should go without saying, but there are always going to be a few clueless individuals. Respect entails that you not only respect Me, your Mistress, but also that you have a respect for yourself on some level. I frown upon extraordinarily self-destructive behaviours: drug abuse, alcohol abuse. Those behaviours will not be tolerated. BDSM is many things, but it does require you to be in a head space that allows for you to clearly negotiate.

2. Boundaries:
There are times when each of U/us needs to unwind, meditate, and think matters through. I am a private person on some levels, and I expect a slave to appreciate and abide accordingly. Not respecting My space and privacy equates to not obeying. Which is simply unacceptable.

3. Attitude:
There is the old saying that ‘attitude shapes altitude.’ There is some truth to that. A personal slave ideally would be able to roll with the punches and whims as I deem fit, once and when they are serving Me. Being flexible, un-intrusive, and not redundant are preferred. Bitterness, or holding on to old baggage will not get you far. A Mistress-slave dialectic entails that you are willing to learn, thus progress. That means patience. You can’t become a professional musician without practice, and lots of it; same applies to this. you simply cannot expect everything to be perfect at first. It’s a relationship that grows.


In other news, Mistress Shae (www.MistressShae.com) and I are accepting double sessions in Chicago from today until the 24th. Don’t miss out on Our dynamic and creative cruelty.

There are some other interesting developments, but I will keep you waiting on those.

Miss Mara



Musings & Updates

It’s been a very busy week, darling pets, but I am happy to be sitting here now, writing this for your voyeuristic eyes.

This past week provided your Mistress with ample social outings, a visit to the Museum of Science & Industry, and yes, yes, most importantly, kink!

A few Musings & Announcements:

*Enemas and forced ballet dancing are hilarious in combination. Just sayin’. Especially if done to Wagner’s ‘Valkyries.’

*September 20th-24th: I will be offering double sessions with the lovely Mistress Shae (www.mistressShae.com). you wouldn’t want to miss Our collective sadistic chaos magick now, would you?

*Still contemplating My next tour spot: NYC? D.C? LA? speak up!

*November 6th-14th: I will be on vacation.

*Still taking slave applications. you must email Me at Mistress at maramayhem dot com to inquire. Resumes help.

*Want Me to perform for your event? Email or call.

New photos will be up next week. There is one new addition to the gallery right now.

Good night.

Miss Mara

Boston, Here I Come! And other musings

Hello, dear readers and perverts:

It’s been a while since I’ve last written, and yes, a great deal has happened in the past few weeks.

I’m excited about My trip to Boston this coming week. I will be there on the 6th & 7th, shooting photo content, and yes, taking sessions, causing pain; all that good stuff. I should also mention that I have some availability left if any of you are brave enough to contact Me. Anyone who does is expected to have done their research and have taken a good look at My website, so as to learn a bit about Me and what My intentions and pursuits are as a Domina.

Traveling and touring is always enjoyable for Me, as I like to see what other locations have to offer, especially in terms of its Underground or Alternative scene. Seeing old and new slaves and friends is always a pleasure, also, and sure enough, I have some catching up to do.

Right now, it’s a rainy day in Chicago, and I’ve had some time to think upon some topics in more depth & detail. For one thing, I am going to make an announcement for a personal slave in the next few weeks, as I’ve had to let one go in recent times. Keep your eyes peeled, should this concept appeal to you. Only sincere applicants will be interviewed for My consideration, and I should warn you, My standards are very High.

Alas, there is latex to clean, yoga to do, and packing that won’t complete itself. I wish and hope all a wonderful Labour Day weekend. Stay naughty.

With the kiss of My whip,

Miss Mara