Bound, Humiliated, Beaten, & Strap-on Fucked.

Today was a lovely day to humiliate the filthy pig that came into My lair.

Another lovely Mistress and Myself took it upon Ourselves to tie the pig down in a CBT chair, and spank, poke, and prod his disgusting excuse for testicles with Our canes. Oh, what lovely squeeling noises he managed to make as he continuously struggled.


Once We strapped him down on the spanking bench, there was no mercy shown. We shoved soap in his disgusting little mouth and made him suck each of Our throbbing strap-ons with diligence. I loved seeing his eagerness to please as he made little grunt noises while sucking and being fucked up the ass.

At the end of O/our time together he had to amuse Us while whacking himself off while We counted down from ten. Should he fail, We’d never let him cum. Well, diligent as he is, the pig managed to cum, while We Mistresses smeared the jizz all over his face and chest, laughing at the level to which this sorry excuse for a human being had sunken.


“Ah” I say now as a long day has passed. I do love a good humiliation scene.



Much love,


Mistress Mara


The Giving Season: Ways in Which to Spoil your Mistress:

The Holiday Season is well upon us, reminding each and every one of its blatant presence, what with the interrogating sounds of Christmas music on repeat, stores and homes becoming the enslaved the the Electric Company for all the glistening lights, and the soy nog that My grocery store now carries, much to My delight!

A few of My pets have asked Me, their Mistress, what I would wish for this year.

Honestly, I am perfectly content with a new camcorder, as listed on My site. This would be ideal for My attempts at playing Scorsese with My fetish clips and films.

Otherwise, a gift certificate to Jt Stockroom would be stellar, as I have My heart set on obtaining a new single tail, as well as a violet wand kit.

I do enjoying being spoiled (what girl can say ‘No!’ to pampering).

However, if you want to make a difference for Me, why not donate to a local animal shelter in your area? These locations always require the generosity of the public in order to function properly. As a proud pet owner of a cat that came from such a shelter, it means a great deal that these dear animals have proper care, shelter, and attention.



Off to create Holiday mayhem 🙂


Miss Mara