This past weekend, Myself and a fellow Mistress destroyed a slave’s ego (and ass!).  Rough & humilating play is some of My absolute favourite, and We made sure to give him in all his non-challant mannerism a scene that he’ll remember with a certain chill factor and hard-on.

Stripped down, he stood before Us. Spit drizzled down his face and pathetic body as We covered him in Our precious saliva. Lip-stick writting on his lower back (just above the ass) indicated his level of sluttiness.

How receptive he was to all the plunging and probing and fisting and fucking that took place in his mouth and ugly little asshole!  How hard his tiny little dick got as it got tied up and was made to jingle (bells were attached)!

At the end, in the most uncomfortable position, with his legs above his head, We made him cum. All over his face did the jizz go.  Every drop was expected to be licked up clean.

Now, can you really say that I lead a dull life?

Miss Mara


Now Available for Cam sessions:

Have an urge to be an exhibitionist? Feeling the need to be utterly humiliated as someone views you doing some of your most private, dirty deeds?

I’m now available and accepting cam & phone sessions. And I’m absolutely going to berate you for your slutty behaviour.

I generally prefer Skype in terms of caming. I will give you My user handle once you call.

1-800-863-5478,  ext: 9626333


I look forward to torturing, teasing, and denying you!


Miss Mara Mayhem