Boston, MA Feb 28th-March 1st

I’m very much looking forward to My upcoming trip to Boston. It’s been a few months since I’ve ventured around, tormenting various souls there. I’m especially looking forward to the tasks I have in store for the maid that I’ll have come in. Good help is truly hard to find, but…

she does an exceptional job. I especially like to reward a job done well (and My, can My room look lived-in after a session or photo shoot) with a gesture that pulls the mental strings of the help 😉

But, before I venture off to bean town, I should mention that I am accepting phone sessions from now until 1 a.m tonight. 1-800-TO-FLIRT,  ext: 9475421. Chatting with Me can give you a sense of what would potentially be in store for you in a real-time session.


Off to polish latex,


Miss Mara