Los Angeles May 17th-21st

How exciting!

I’ll be on the West Coast next week. I can almost hear the waves crashing along the beach. I can almost hear the screams coming from the massive play party that Sanctuary LAX will be holding in honour of Dom Con, 2012.

This will be My first Con, but hopefully far from the last. I’ve wanted to go for a long time, so now, as Fortune would have it, I will be there. Causing trouble. Making subs beg for more. And so on and so forth.

But enough about My super-duper close upcoming trip.

Let’s discuss where My moods and play cravings have loomed.

I definitely have been in the mood for more full toilet training, and am starting to procure a regular human waste recepticle. What a priviledge! And to think, the more you eat and drink, the better you become, iota by iota, in My eyes.

What else?


I love the notion of holding on to that key, hearing you squirm & beg for release, even for a second, though you know perfectly well that going against the vows you took when being locked up would result in dire consequences, should you act out on accounts of severe desperation.

It thrills Me to no end knowing that I am in charge of that orgasm, that hard-on, and that as your Keyholder, I hold that power close like cling-wrap, even threatening to flush the key should you fail.

Of course, I’m all about Blackmail:

I adore the fact that I can hold something over your head, (a dirty secret, a bad habit) and remind you that My knowledge and power can crumble you, cripple you even, whether it be your career, social reputation, relationships…you wouldn’t want anyone to find out just how dirty and whorish you actually have been, would you?  Especially in the era of social networking sites, it’s becoming harder and harder to hold on to secrets…Dangerous possibilities lay here.

I absolutely love it!

So much to be excited about.

Miss Mara


Mini-Review, New Clips & Travel Schedule:

For those of you who missed the pig party last week (it was epic, btw!), here’s
a little snippet as to what one pig thought:


I’m thrilled to say that I’ve added several new clips up for your viewing and
stroking abilities. Caning, smoking, otk, latex. Lucky you, there’s so much
variety. Now, go view them.


I’m in Chicago this whole week. Same day sessions are possible with some notice.


Los Angeles May 17th-21st for Dom Con 2012-sessions are available.

Boston at the end of May.

Miss Mara