Minneapolis, MN July 27th & 28th

I’m excited to be venturing up to Minneapolis for a brief visit! It’s truly rare for Me to make the excursion, so I trust that true slaves will be clamouring to spend some time with Me. I know that the true human toilets won’t disappoint!

Of course, I do have some kinky friends up in Minneapolis that I’m looking forward to visiting, as well. Perhaps venture out to Ground Zero with on Saturday night.

All I know is that I’m preparing Myself by consuming a good and healthy dosage of asparagus and fiber-filled foods. And packing some of My brand new toys, including a violet wand and a tens unit! Zippity zappity do!

This is going to be fun.


Miss Mara



Miss Mara Mayhem in Boston, July 12 & 13th

I’m excited about venturing up to Boston, MA this week for a brief visit. It’s been too long!

What do I hope to accomplish or seek out while in Bean town? Hmm, let Me think…

I require good, service oriented slaves to make My life & traveling easier while in town. Someone to clean My room is fantastic, as I’m a neat freak. Perahps a suplicant who can make sure all My clothes are properly unpacked.

I also seek and require good, sturdy, reliable full toilet slaves. The kind that consume whatever I toss (or, as the case may be, drop) their way. The kind that would pant and beg for that last drop of golden nectar of that last tiny piece of kaviar. Those are the kind of toilets I love to have around Me, as they prove that they are sincere and functioning toilets (very important!).

I hope to see quite a few of you while in town, dear Boston.


Miss Mara