The beatings will continue…

Dear Diary of Perversion:

Today’s session embared upon a journey involving very tight, restrictive bondage (strappado and Shibari, to be more specific) along with heavy, painful corporal punishment and humiliation.

I used some of My favourite weapons, including a braided cat-o-nines flogger, a thuddy leather paddle, a bamboo cane, a snappy dragon’s tail, and a single tail whip. My, did the markings look intense and bruised!

Having the slave crawl across the room, stark naked, to the position of where he was going to bound and restrained was the beginning. I then began to mark My territory by spitting, scratching, slapping, and scraping the heel of My boot into his girlish figured behind, down his outter right thigh.

The cane provided the warm-up beatings. The pace proceeded to increase, and the slave’s little behind progressively reddened. I look over his shoulder and see what appears to be a steady, dripping stream of pre-cum from an erect little cock.

Annoyed by the mess that he was making, I brought out the rubber flogger; black, heavy, thigh chords of rubber. The swattings were making the slave crumble to his knees, with whimpers of cowardliness becoming yelps and screams of pleasure and pain.

The single tail left some nice bites, as did the cane. My aim was sharp, precise, and controlled. But My laughter grew as the sight of this lowly creature began to whitter and crumble, crushed by his own fantasies of submission.

Towards the end of O/our engagement, I untied him from the hard point, and plopped him face down on the floor. His assignment was to clean up the pre-cum and sweat oriented mess that had accumilated on the floor below him while he was restrained. Still tied up with arms behind his back, he could only move about by scooting on his knees, leading with his head and tongue towards the puddles of sweat and pre-cum.

After he showered, I screamed an order for him to crawl to the door of the space. Making him kiss My sweaty feet, I then kicked him out into the rain.


What a session 🙂


Miss Mara