Happy Halloween!



Happy Halloween, or Samhain to those of you who know the reference! I hope yours is truly scary in the best manner possible!

As you might of gathered from the above listed photo, I’m going as Maleficent for Halloween. In case some of you forgot, here’s a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maleficent.

As some of you  already know, I’m headed down to New Orleans on Friday, and will be there til late Monday. There is still some *limited* availability to schedule to play with Me, so you best reach out sooner rather than later. 😉 To schedule, go to www.maramayhem.com 

I’m happy to say that I’ll be utilizing a lovely dungeon space while there, so if this is the closest you can get to serving Mistress, now might be your only chance, as I don’t know how often I’m going to be meandering down to the Big Easy.

Tonight: Halloween Festivities all over Chicago! I’m quite excited-it seems only fitting to go out to Big Goth Club night in an industrial corridor. I think there will even be a costume contest (why wouldn’t there be?) Perhaps some lucky boi will get to massage My feet toward night’s end. (Right now, My toes are painted a dark plum purple, with turquoise and purple glitter on top-I’d attach a photo of that, as well, but I suspect some of you have seen some images of these glittery toes on My twitter page. If not, go there and feast your eyes on them!)

Well, I’m off. Be safe in whatever endeavor or adventure you find yourself in. Hopefully in some predicament that is both raunchy and fun 🙂


Miss Mara





Upcoming travel Announcements: Boston & New Orleans

ImageYes, it’s true. The travel bug has bitten Me again, and I’ll be off on a few adventures at the end of October and beginning of November.


New Orleans: November 2nd through 4th.


I have found a lovely dungeon space that I will utilize while there 🙂

Boston: Exact dates to be announced shortly, but roughly around the 22nd and prior to the 31st (I don’t accept appointments on sacred days).


You’ve been warned. Pre-booking is always encouraged, and guarantees you the desired amount of time you need.


Miss Mara