is everything. Not just in scientific terms, but also in Bdsm.  As a Mistress, I deem chemistry essential in determining whether or not a potential applicant is compatible with Myself. Such things like personaliy, intellect, and kink related (as well as non-related) interests are taken into consideration when reviewing someone who is applying to serve Me in some form or capacity. It’s crucial, really.  My time is valuable, and frankly, there is nothing worse than wasting time on someone or something that consists of incoherent babble and aimless self-destructive behaviour.

Chemisty also means that any dynamic that I might consider sharing with someone is purely organic-No scripts, no rehearsals. Just pure authenticity. A rarity, at best , in this so-called modern age of instant gratification and boundless forms of potential self-satisfaction.

Which leads Me to My next point: not all dyamics/relationships are compatible. Not all supplicants that walk through the door of the dungeon are going to be ideal, and vice-versa. I may not be the Domme for you. I’m perfectly comfortable with that concept. But you needn’t get your panties in a wad (so to speak) because of that. Compatibility and D&s relationships aren’t always instantly determined, but some people don’t realize that (again, that thing about instant gratification culture!).

A good scene, a good energy exchange…these notions fall into place, almost synchronistically. A give, a take. A symbiotic relationship. Re-read Hegel’s Master and slave dialectic if necessary.

With all that having been said and written, I end this little blog post, satisified.

Miss Mara



London Trip Anticipation:

How exciting it is that We’ll be in London in less than a month! January 19th is the day, so those U.K slaves and toilets better watch out. Frankly, you should be quite honoured that I’ve decided to grace your city-I’ve grown rather particular about where I like to plan My travels.

I’m thrilled to say that while there I will be utilizing the dungeon play space of Madame Caramel ( so I know I’m going to be in excellent company and in an exquisite play space.

The other aspect of My London trip that I’m quite pleased about is that I will be shooting film content with Femme Fatale Films while there. I’m certain those of you too afraid to be in My presense may well enjoy the visual fodder that these videos shall contain 🙂

With all that being said, I know that there’s still a little less than a month til I go over. That means that I will still be in Chicago, and still available for sessions…mostly. Obviously, My time is quite valuable, so if you can’t plan ahead, it’s not My problem.

I should start contemplating what to pack 😉 I know! Latex. Leather. Boots!

Miss Mara


Since My purse was stolen in the robbery, it would be lovely to receive one or either of these particular ones:




I know that I can demand Coach from some of you, but I’d rather be true to My more gothic leanings. I expect to receive one of these prior to Christmas. I


I’m getting soo many inquiries in regards to My upcoming London, UK trip, it’s amazing! I haven’t even really mentioned it much, nor put up an actual ad (aside from a mini announcement on Max Fisch) but the emails have been coming in, almost flood-like. 

I’m pretty stoked about this upcoming international trip. Not only because of all the play I will be orchestrating, but also because I get to re-unite with some of My friends and slaves in Europe that I don’t get to see nearly as often as I would like. 

Aside from reunions and play-time, My plan is to do some massive latex clothing shopping, as well. London is one of The prime arenas for haute couture latex, and I will be happy to have some of My slaves accompany Me on an extensive shopping spree. After all, this Mistress can’t be neglected 😉

With that, I’m off to pack and boss around the domestic slave for My Boston trip tomorrow. I’ll unveil some of My other, more extensive plans for London after I return from Bean-town. 

Miss Mara



Domestic Servant Post avail:

As of January, I will be accepting applications for a domestic servant/driver.
This would be a once to twice a week ordeal. Applicants are considered on a
case-by-case basis, and I am only accepting one individual for the position. If
you have served Me previously, and are based in the Chicago area, you stand a
better chance at being considered. Should I find your application intriguing,
and should you not be initially chosen, I shall keep your application on file
for future consideration.
Email Me at Mistress at mara mayhem dot com with a brief introduction to
yourself, your general availability, domestic talents, and anything else that
you might feel will put you in a better position of gaining such an honoured
position. Note: should you send Me a lewd photo of yourself, or sound
disrespectful in your inquiry, your application will be disregarded, and you
will be banished from any future positions/opportunities. you do NOT want to
ensue My wrath.