This will be the only journal entry in which I will feel inclined to mention this matter, as I don’t believe it is worth THAT much time, especially that of My own. I’ll get straight to the point:


To those of you who call yourselves submissives/slaves/pets/toilets, or whatever: 

When contacting Me, or any other Mistress, it is rather disrespectful (I’m being polite here, as there are many crass terms I’m sure We could apply here) to try and insist upon a different tribute price/rate than what the Mistress has instilled and quoted. It proves that 1) you are cheap and secondly) that you are undermining the value of the services that a Professional has set for Herself. There are concrete reasons why We set our rates the way We do. I won’t go into all of those minute details, but don’t think for moment that a Professional Mistress hasn’t thought the matter through when She designates the tribute rate that She has opted to charge.

‘But, I can’t afford that price’ is what some of you may say.

Well, if you can’t afford something, maybe you should save up for it, if it really matters to you, don’t you think? It’s like being a kid again, and really wanting that bike that your parents wouldn’t get you. If you really wanted that bike, you’d save up your allowances and paper-route money. So, if you really wanted to serve a Mistress that has a tribute rate that you felt was high, maybe you ought to save up for the privilege if it is so important for you to scratch that itch or feed that need.

Finally, ask yourself this the next time you find yourself flabberghasted by the rate a Mistress charges: What makes you soo special and entitled that you believe you have the right to designate a different rate than the one the Mistress has stated?

This is all I will say on the matter, but let it be warned that I, and other refined, and truly professional Mistresses will not tolerate or give in to such behaviour. You get what you pay for. So, if you want reputable, experienced, and beauty (unless, of course, you like a ‘Mistress’ to be appearing like a crack whore) wrapped into one package, you will pay the rate that is designated.

Miss Mara


Dog Days: Or how I trained a puppy today

I experienced a joyful session earlier today and felt compelled to share some of the details in My blog for My fans. I know some of you live vicariously through such outlet forms, due to time, distance, space, or hesitation to take the actual plunge into the dark underbelly that is the world of Bdsm.

When I went into the Dungeon space today, I came in with the intent of making this particular event extremely playful. I arranged the dog food dish, set up My collapseable hula-hoop, leash, dog treats, and dog hood for what was to come.

Pup was dressed in black leather dog hood, complete with full zippered shut mouth, floppy ears, and black detachable blinds upon the eyes and black, leather mitts that were locked in place upon the hands. Oh, and no puppy is complete without a tail!

W/we began by a basic lead and follow ordeal-I had the blind on the dog hood still attached, so the pup could not see, thus having to rely on the click-click of My spikey studded heels to be able to follow, along with the command of My voice. he only bumped into the side of the bondage table once, but managed to be a good dog and follow his Mistress on leash quite well. W/we even went exploring in some of the other parts of the dungeon; I allowed him to sniff out all the furniture (there had been a play party a few days before, so I thought the dog might be able to pick up a scent! Not really! The dungeon space is quite clean, always, but it’s fun to speculate and imagine what scenes might have taken place there!)


The little dog also lost his butt-plug tail, so as punishment, he had to play fetch as I threw the tail through the hula-hoop, with him having to retrieve it. Eventually, the dog was jumping up and through the hoop quite well! He wagged his tail-less butt with excitement over all these tasks, and even received two milk bone doggie treats, which he ate quite diligently. Drinking out of the bowl, on the other hand, was not such a graceful exercise, but I didn’t expect much-slurping out of your bowl is not convincingly canine in behaviour, I do believe.

I truly enjoy animal training and think that, even though I am feline supremacist at heart, I do enjoy the company of certain canines from time to time.