Boston next week and My upcoming Birthday:

I’ll be in Boston on the 27th for one full day. I fly back out on the 28th, due to performance appearance I need to make on the 29th in Chicago.

If you would like to apply to serve Me, you have until the 26th to make proper arrangements. Deposits may be required if you don’t have adequate references, or are asking for a multiple hour rendezvous.

Time is running out fast, so if you are dying to serve or be used by Me, you’d best be in touch quickly now. Do note that I don’t have time to play phone tag, so leave a voice mail with a time frame and proper phone number to be reached at.


My birthday is quickly approaching on the 4th of April-have you slaves and fans given much thought as to what I’d like for My special day?

My amazon wishlist is right here:

I also very much appreciate Southwest gift cards, as they allow for Me to plan trips out to see and play with many of you-this would go a long way!

Agent Provocateur is always lovely, as are Sephora gift cards. A girl can never have too much lingerie and makeup 🙂

So, I’ve given you a few ideas. I look forward to being spoiled by quite a few of you soon!


Miss Mara



Magick happens in many forms.



Whether through ecstacy, through the power of grief and the healing that follows. Or through the small observations of life creeping on around U/us.


Magick happens when we don’t take things so seriously, or when we decide to get serious for once. Magick drops like a hat, and flies off like a great idea.

I believe that magick is always happening, even in moments of trial/trying experiences. Growth doesn’t cease after you’ve completed physically growing into the body you’ve inheritated and are now habitating.

Today has proven to be one that has shown me more insight; something that I’ve needed. Not necessarily on a kink level, though those experiences reveal a great deal about ourselves.



While I’ve facilitated a few scenes recently that were flat-out mind-blowingly H-O-T, I’ve got to say: those who consider themselves ‘slaves’ really should know proper protocol before trying to play drama games with Mistresses-believe it or not, We talk to one another, and if you talk smack about one of Us, it’s bound to be found out.

My suggestion:

If you feel that you are not compatible with a Mistress any longer, for whatever reason, and wish to undergo a trial period with a different Mistress, possibly one who is associated or friends with your original Domme, you should politely bring it up to said original Domme. Conducting yourself in such a fashion shows that you have maturity and ‘balls,’ and in this world, Honesty is a rare trait. Of course, both Dommes may say ‘no’ out of respect for their friendship. Keep this in mind. We will put Our Sisterhood before you. That’s what Female Supremacists do. 

More later. I’ve been extremely busy, what with performing, sessions, and circus to really give two shits about much else.