My Adventures in London:

My trip to London was a success! I quite enjoyed Myself while in the U.K and thought I would give a few details as to what I did while there, along with a few other visual goodies ūüôā


Even in spite of the snow, the London slaves proved themselves to Me. One hot and intense strap-on and full toilet scene resulted in this nice little love message I received after the scene:

“Dear Miss Mara,
Thank you for our session today which I enjoyed immensely.
You are lovely mistress who found exactly the right balance between strictness and sensuality.¬†I wish you were based in London so I could be your regular toilet but I hope you will find the opportunity to come to¬†London¬†occasionally so I can serve you again.’


How sweet! It’s good to know that I won’t be short a real toilet the next time I visit the U.K (looking at a spring time journey that way)


Femme Fatale Films:

I shot with them the day before I departed for Germany. What fun! Strap-on play, foot worship, sploshing/food play, a roman shower (*gasp* ;)) and harsh corporal. The Lovely Divine Mistress Heather and I were quite the team-having never met, We worked well together and I would happily call Her a friend now-so much fun!

Mistress Eleise had this to write about My visit:


So, all in all, a wonderful trip. I would repeat it over again, and at Madame Caramel’s Dungeon, of course.

Enjoy the visual fodder!Image




Since My purse was stolen in the robbery, it would be lovely to receive one or either of these particular ones:




I know that I can demand Coach from some of you, but I’d rather be true to My more gothic leanings. I expect to receive one of these prior to Christmas. I

A domestic slave’s review:

A lovely review, written by a domestic servant: 

slave zoe says: 

“i’ve had¬†the great fortune and privilege of serving Miss Mara on¬†several¬†occasions. She is exceptionally creative and fun,¬†and clearly in total control. She has allowed me to serve as Her chauffeur, errand boy, and house boy; and i can honestly say that¬†every moment doing so has been¬†meaningful and exciting. She intuitively understands my sincere desire to serve and has pushed me to greater depths of submission. She gives clear instructions (whether it is a shopping or cleaning list) and¬†assures that they have been followed to Her satisfaction. Thankfully, i have mostly pleased Her, which has not only given me additional opportunities to serve Her but also resulted in Her humiliating me in various ways (spitting on me as i scrubbed Her bathtub,¬†sending me away¬†with Her used gum on my forehead and behind my ear,¬†having me wear a ridiculous set of sunglasses¬†during an evening shopping trip, and so on). But my service has not always been perfect; to teach me a lesson,¬†She delivered a punishing spanking, one i won’t forget. i’m deeply grateful for the honor of knowing and serving Miss Mara, and i am thrilled that i can be of use to Her again soon.
Thank You, Miss Mara, hope this review is helpful … it sure was wonderful to write.
Your grateful slave zoe”