Foot Worship in Chicago:


Photo taken today of My new pedicure.


I’m feeling quite generous, and have decided to offer half-hour foot sessions this week. I want these peds to feel adored in a proper fashion, and given that I really do like a good foot massage, I think that time frame is perfect for an adoring slave to caress and rub these 7.5 sized feet.

Inquire with Me directly through email: mistress@maramayhem dot com to offer up your services. Even if you have never had the opportunity to massage a woman’s feet, I may be able to offer you some tip points to make you a better foot enthusiast. The only way to find out is to try.

Looking forward to having these toes licked, sucked, and pampered, Chicago.


Miss Mara


My thoughts on clothing requests:

As a professional, I take a great deal into consideration when planning a rendezvous of the kinky variety. Having all the right implements and devices at hand, time frame of said kink scene, booking, and so on. I take into account what the submissive yearns to experience while spending time with Me, and yes, I do like to cater to some of their whims and fancies, but I also like to add a little flare of My own, thus I add maybe a new sensation toy or change up the pace. However I do it, I make sure it’s done in a fashion that not only will push the envelope, but also that it’s done in a manner that doesn’t put the supplicant into the asylum (unless, of course, that’s the ultimate desire on both parts).

With all of that being said, I will mention that I tread on the concept of ‘clothing’ requests with caution, mainly because the moment a supplicant becomes very particular about what he/she/they feel I ought to don during O/our time together is when I become put off. It’s not good form, dearies! While I respect that you have a huge latex fetish, (as do I), I will not be nagged! If you keep requesting for a very particular outfit that I happen to have, and you behave yourself, you may get your wish. ‘May’ being the operative word here. If you continuously nag, I will wear a flannel shirt and a tiara.

My point is, I’m the Dominant. I will wear what I feel is proper in accordance to what the session entails. Of course, with role-play, I’ll try to make it accurate, but in accordance to My sense of style. It’s the only manner in which I feel that the organic flow of the D/s relationship thrives.

Conclusion: being bossy and insistent will get you nowhere very fast, along with a tiara and gym shorts being donned by Myself. Careful how you word your request(s), as I may pull a trigger you never expected.

Miss Mara


London dates: Jan 19th-23rd.

A domestic slave’s review:

A lovely review, written by a domestic servant: 

slave zoe says: 

“i’ve had the great fortune and privilege of serving Miss Mara on several occasions. She is exceptionally creative and fun, and clearly in total control. She has allowed me to serve as Her chauffeur, errand boy, and house boy; and i can honestly say that every moment doing so has been meaningful and exciting. She intuitively understands my sincere desire to serve and has pushed me to greater depths of submission. She gives clear instructions (whether it is a shopping or cleaning list) and assures that they have been followed to Her satisfaction. Thankfully, i have mostly pleased Her, which has not only given me additional opportunities to serve Her but also resulted in Her humiliating me in various ways (spitting on me as i scrubbed Her bathtub, sending me away with Her used gum on my forehead and behind my ear, having me wear a ridiculous set of sunglasses during an evening shopping trip, and so on). But my service has not always been perfect; to teach me a lesson, She delivered a punishing spanking, one i won’t forget. i’m deeply grateful for the honor of knowing and serving Miss Mara, and i am thrilled that i can be of use to Her again soon.
Thank You, Miss Mara, hope this review is helpful … it sure was wonderful to write.
Your grateful slave zoe”