London Trip Anticipation:

How exciting it is that We’ll be in London in less than a month! January 19th is the day, so those U.K slaves and toilets better watch out. Frankly, you should be quite honoured that I’ve decided to grace your city-I’ve grown rather particular about where I like to plan My travels.

I’m thrilled to say that while there I will be utilizing the dungeon play space of Madame Caramel ( so I know I’m going to be in excellent company and in an exquisite play space.

The other aspect of My London trip that I’m quite pleased about is that I will be shooting film content with Femme Fatale Films while there. I’m certain those of you too afraid to be in My presense may well enjoy the visual fodder that these videos shall contain 🙂

With all that being said, I know that there’s still a little less than a month til I go over. That means that I will still be in Chicago, and still available for sessions…mostly. Obviously, My time is quite valuable, so if you can’t plan ahead, it’s not My problem.

I should start contemplating what to pack 😉 I know! Latex. Leather. Boots!

Miss Mara


Boston, MA December 11th

I’m happy to say that I’ll be in Boston on the 11th of December. This is a very brief visit, but I can’t ignore some of My favourite toilet slaves out there for much longer. Booking is going fast, so you must act soon if you want some Mayhem-inspired kinky fun. 

See you soon.


Miss Mara